How To Manage Dedicated Server via Web Interface Tool IPMI Remotely

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)

All our dedicated servers come with free Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). You can access the server remotely (even BIOS) at any time by yourself.

Step By Step Guide To Access The Dedicated Server BIOS

1) Login To IPMI

Open your web browser and go to IPMI URL You can get the IP and account information in your welcome email.

2) Click Remote Control -> Console Redirection

3) Click Lanuch Console

4) The brower will load the JAVA runtime applet

5) Click Macro -> Macro -> Control + Alt + Del

6) Entry your server password to login

7) Click Start -> Restart to restart your server

8) Please hit the Del key several times in the black screen

9) You can go into the BIOS setting panel

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