How to map network driver between Windows and Linux Server

Map the folder in Windows Server to Linux Server

Step1: Enable file sharing for the target folder

Please set up the permission and file sharing in Windows Server.

Step 2: Install CIFS-utils

Please install "CIFS-utils" in Linux Server.
# sudo apt install cifs-utils (For Ubuntu OS)
# yum install cifs-utils(For CentOS)

Step 3: Create a new directory and then mount the shared folder to it

# sudo mkdir /mnt/share (You could name the directory with any others.)
# sudo mount.cifs //Windows/SharedFolder /mnt/share -o user=account
1: Replace “Windows” with the IP address or hostname for your Windows PC and “SharedFolder” with your shared folder name. For the username, replace “account” with your Windows username. You will be asked to enter the password for the specific user.
2: It requires to open the port 445 in both servers. Otherwise the file sharing will be failure.

Step 4: Confirm if the shared folder is accessible


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