How To Clear DotNetNuke Event Logs?


Sometimes your DotNetNuke database grows very fast. It is very important to clear the DotNetNuke event logs to make your DNN site running smoothly. Please follow these steps to optimize your DNN database.


1) Login DNN with host account

Log into DNN site with host account.

2)Go To Admin->Log Viewer

Go To Admin->Log Viewer

3). Click Clear Log Link to clear all event logs

clear all event logs

If you get error message while showing Event Viewer

Sometimes your DotNetNuke will have too many log records. It will have problem to show them. We can run a SQL server script to delete the event logs.

1) Go to Host -> SQL

Host -> SQL

2) SQL server script in the text box

Please input "Truncate table eventlog" here.
Host -> SQL

3) Click "Execute" to run the SQL script

If you see a message "The Query completed successfully!". It means the database records have been removed. Execute SQL script

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