How to use remote SMTP to send out email from DotNetNuke site

In many occasions, DotNetNuke sites are not allowed to send out email from local SMTP, i.e. localhost, because of security concerns. Here, we are going to show you how to set up remote SMTP for a DNN site.
1. In order to do that, make sure you have an email address from your hosting company. We will not use hotmail or gmail in this tutorial. We will going to use an email account that is hosted in our mail server.
2. For example, you have email service from us with the domain name, And you have an email address called ''.
3. Log in your DNN site as 'host'. Then go to 'Host', and then 'Host Settings'. At 'Basic Settings' tab, move on to 'Host Details', and change the host email to ''.
4. Go to 'Advanced Settings' tab and scroll down to 'SMTP Server Settings', make change as shown below,
   SMTP Server and port:
   SMTP Authentication: Basic
   SMTP Enable SSL: (uncheck)
   SMTP Username:
   SMTP Password: ********
   - Leave others to what they already are.
5. Click 'Test SMTP Settings' and it will work. Make sure to scroll down and click 'Update'.
6. Go to 'Admin' and then click 'Site Settings'. Do the same as what we have done in Step 4 and Step 5.
7. All set. Everything should be good to go.
Note: this tutorial is based on DotNetNuke version 7.

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