How To Prevent DotNetNuke DNN Spammer Registrations?


Sometimes you notice that tons of spammers registered in your DNN (DotNetNuke) website. It used lots of bandwidth and also slow down your website dramatically. Please follow those two solutions to prevent it.

Solution #1: Through DNN Website

1) Login DNN with host or admin account

Log into DNN site with host account.

2) Navigate to Admin -> Site Settings > Advanced Settings

Change DNN User Registration

3). Change the User Registration to None or Private .

Solution #2: Through DNN Database

Sometimes you may do not know the DNN host or admin password; therefore, one can change the backend SQL server database directly.

1) Open the SQL Server database with SQL Server Management Studio.

2) Open the Portals table.

Change DNN User Registration in SQL Server Database

3). Change the UserRegistration field to 0 or 1

  • 0: None
  • 1: Private
  • 2: Public
  • 3: Verified

4). Re-start the DNN website to clear the cache.


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