How to Install DNN Web Site

How to Install a DNN Web Site

1 Introduce

DNN is short for DotNetNuke. It is one of the most famous open source websites.

2 Download or Copy the Installation File from the Terminal Server

Now we are installing a new DNN site (DNN9.2) with SolidCP as an example.

3 Add the domain name and create website


4 Extract and paste the install files to ‘wwwroot’

4.1 Upload the install files by FTP and paste it to the path “C:\HostingSpaces\admin\\wwwroot”

4.2 Copy & Paste install files to “C:\HostingSpaces\admin\\wwwroot” if you use VPS


5 Create a SQL Database & DB User


6 Edit web.config file, change database connection string

Before you edit the web.config file, please make a copy of it.

7 Modify the Hosts File

If the domain name does not resolve to the shared server IP, update the “host” file at “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”  in your local PC.

8 Change the Website Settings

DNN is required to enabled write persissions, dedicated application pool and  ASP.NET 4.0 Integrated Pipeline mode.

9 Install the DNN Website.

Go to your website by web browser, you will see DNN installation page.
The “Database Name” and “Database Username” are the terms entered in WebsitePanel.

9 Done



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