How to Install Wordpress Website

How to Install Wordpress Web Site

1 Introduction

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.

2 Download software

Download files from

3 Requirements

IIS7.5 or IIS8.0
PHP 5.0+

4 Add domain & create website in WebsitePanel

5 Create MySQL database & user

6 Copy or Upload the installation files to host.

Copy or upload the installation files by FTP and paste to the path “C:\HostingSpaces\admin\\wwwroot” 

7 Change the website setting in WebsitePanel

Enable write permissions, dedicated application pool, set the first Default Documents as index.php. set to 4.0(Integrated Pipeline)

8 Modify the files

If the domain name is not resolving to IP, we need to update  “host” file at  “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”. 
Rename the “wp-config-sample.php” to “wp-config.php” and modify it in the path of “C:\HostingSpaces\admin\\wwwroot” 
Enter the MySQL database information in wp-config.php file, DB name, DB user, DB password and DB host.
  • Please change "" to the remote MySQL Server hostname or IP if you using the remote MySQL Server.

9 Browse the webiste to Install the Wordpress web site.  

Enter the Site title, user name, password and Email address

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