How to Install SQL Server in Automatic Mode

How to Install SQL Server in an Automatic Mode

1 Copy Installation Files to Destination Server

Below shows the folder where the installation files of SQL Server 2012 Express should be placed.

2 SQL Server 2012 Express Edition Installation

2.1 Go to SQL_ 2012_Exp_SP1_x64 Folder

2.2 Double Click “install”

2.3 Install SQL Server 2012.

The CMD window will open automatically and it will be closed automatically once the installation is completed.

3 Update Settings for SQL Server

3.1 How to Enable SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode (Mixed Mode)

3.1.1 Run SQL Server Management Studio

3.1.2 Login to the SQL Server Via Windows Authentication Mode


3.2 Reset the password for ‘sa’ user

Go to ‘Security’ --> ‘Logins’, then right click ‘sa’

3.3 Enable the “sa” user

At ‘Status’ page, allow ‘sa’ to be able to login.

3.4 Navigate to the Properties of SQL Server

3.5 Enable the "SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode"

3.6 Restart SQL Server

4 Done


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