How to Upgrade MS SQL Version


This article introduces the upgrade from the previous version, for example, SQL Server 2012 Express to 2014 Express.

Pre upgrade Checklist

Before upgrading from one edition of SQL Server to another(SQL Server 2014), please verify the supported Operating System. For more details, click Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server .
To upgrade to SQL Server 2014 Express, you must verify the upgrade from version is supported to 2014 Express.

1 Back up SQL Server databases

Before upgrading, back up SQL Server databases and other objects associated with the previous SQL Server instance.

2 Copy Installation Files to VPS or Dedicated Server

  Upgrading from SQL Server 2012 Express to SQL Server 2014 Express is used as an example.

3 Upgrade to SQL Server 2014 Express edition

3.1 Open the SQL Server 2014 Folder

3.2 Double Click “SETUP”

3.3 Run the SQL Server Installation Center

Click “Upgrade from SQL server 2005, SQL server 2008 or SQL server 2012 to SQL server 2014”

3.4 SQL Server 2014 Setup

Check on “I accept the license terms” then click “Next”

3.5 Microsoft Update Option if Desired

3.6 Select the type of Instance

3.7 Specify the Server Configuration

3.8 Full-text Upgrade

Choose Import.

3.9 Upgrade is Now in Progress

Upgrading to SQL server 2014

3.10 Completed

3.11 Test the MS SQL service

You can connect to the new MS SQL service via SSMS and run the SQL query statement "select @@version" to check the new Edition.

4 Done


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