How to Take a Backup of Database in SSMS

How to Backup a Database in SSMS

1 Run SQL Server Management Studio from the Start Menu

In Windows 2012, click the start icon at the left down corner, then choose SQL Server Management Studio.

2 Backup the Database

2.1 Connect to the Server

2.2 Choose the Database

2.3 Right-click on the database name “test” and click “Tasks”, and then click “Back Up”

2.4 Remove the existing path to backup folder


2.5 Add the new path to your desired backup folder

2.5.1 Click “add”

2.5.2 Select the  Backup Destination

2.5.3 Locate the Database Files.

2.5.4 Click “OK”

2.6 A Screen that Verifies that the Backup is Successful Appears


3 Done


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