How to Restore a Backup of Database in SSMS

How to Restore a Backup of a Database in SSMS

1 Run the SQL server Management Studio from the Start Menu


2 Restore the Database

2.1 Connect to the Server

2.2 Choose the Database

2.3 Right-click on the Database Name “test” and Click “Tasks”. Click “Restore”, then click ”Database”.


2.4 Choose “Device”, then click “…”

2.5 Select the  Backup Devices

2.6 Find the Backup Database from the Folder

2.7 Restore the Database

2.8 Choose “options” and Restore the Options

Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE)

2.9 Restored successfully

2.10 Delete the Database Existing User

2.11 Delete the Object

2.12 How to Connect to User mapping


3 Done


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