How to Update DNS Records for Domain by WebsitePanel

How to Update DNS Record for Domain by WebsitePanel

1 Problem

  • If domain is using our shared name server, we can manage domain DNS record by Shared Control Panel..
  • If domain is not using our shared name server, client needs to contact with their name server provider to manage domain DNS records.
  • If domain is using his private name server and the private name server is pointed to his server IPs, we can manage domain DNS record by client’s private WebsitePanel.

2 The steps in WebsitePanel Control Panel

2.1Sign in to WebsitePanel

Client can get the control panel URL, username, password from the Welcome Email, which we sent it to them when we set up the new server.

2.2 Choose the correct Hosting plan.

If the client has several Hosting Spaces, we need to select the correct one from the dropdown list.
You can update DNS records in our Basic Shared Plan or Basic Reseller Plan or Free DNS and Email Hosting Plan.

2.3 Click Domains

2.4 Click Edit DNS zone records

3 Add DNS records for domain

3.1 A records

  • The majority of DNS records are “A” records. A records allow for you to point different sections of your domain to different IP addresses or servers. Each record includes a “Host Name” value and a corresponding IP Address.
  • Record field: The record name for that A record. The host name will precede the “”.
  • Address field: The IP address you wish for the A record to point to.
  • Examples A records: www, mail, ftp, sub domain, webmail, * and empty record.

3.2 MX record

  • An important part of the email delivery system is “MX” records. MX records essentially tell the world what server to send mail to for a particular domain name.
  • Priority field: The priority preference for that MX record. MX records are processed in order starting with the one with the lowest priority value and working towards high priority records.
  • Record field: It is recommended to use a domain name value here as opposed to an IP address. Typically you would first create an “A” record of “mail” pointing to the IP address of your mail server, and specify “” here as the address entry for the MX record.

3.3 TXT record

Typically a TXT record is used to get information about a domain. They can be used to specify what email servers are allowed to send mail for your domain with what is known as a “Sender Policy Framework (SPF)” record, which is very useful in combating spammers from falsely marking spam emails as from your domain name.

3.4 CNAME record

CNAME records point to domain names, as opposed to specific IP addresses. This is very useful in that you can point a CNAME record to a domain name, change the record value for that domain name, and the CNAME record will reflect the updated record value. This is most commonly used when dealing with several top level domain versions (.com, .net, .org, etc.) of the same domain name.

4 Done


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