How To Configure Outlook

How To Configure Outlook

1 Introduction

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of how to configure Outlook.  Let us take the email user for an example.

2 Create a New Account in Outlook

Tools -> Accounts -> Mail -> Add, then in the pop up windows, choose the option shows below:

3 Manual Configuration

Check the box "Manually configure Mail server settings or additional server types" to configure it manually.

4 How to Configure Outlook


4.1 Fill in All the Required Fields


4.2 Click “More Settings“ in the Right Bottom to Add More Detail

4.3 Enable SMTP Authentication


4.4 Specifying Port numbers

Specify POP port 110 and SMTP port 25. Try port 587 as an alternate in case port 25 is blocked by an ISP.

4.5 Navigate to the Prior Page to Test the Email Setting

4.6 Done

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