How to Add a New NAT in ASDM


1 Introduction

This document defines and clarifies the Network Address Translation (NAT) terms of inside local, inside global, outside local, and outside global.

2 Install ASDM Tool

2.1 It requires the Java environment. If you have not installed JRE, please install         it first at

        Note: Please install "jre-8u281-windows-x64.exe" or previous versions

2.2 Download the installation file as below and install it on your server


3 Login to Firewall management panel from ASDM tool

3.1 Login to Cisco ASDM Launcher

  • Device IP Address/Name:  Please use the IP of the firewall;
  • Username: Your account;
  • Password: the password of the account;

3.2 Access the NAT panel

Click Configuration -> Firewall -> NAT Rules

4 Add a static new NAT

4.1 Add the new NAT rule

  • Original: Please select inside interface and use the intranet IP
  • Translated: Please select outside interface and use the public IP
  • Please enable "Translate the DNS replies that match the translation rule"

4.2 Apply the update

Click “Apply” button to apply the updates in firewall.

4.3 Save the changes

Click “Save” button to same the updates to flash.

5. Add a dynamic NAT

For the Dynamic NAT, it only can be done in the dedicated Cisco Firewall. We do not provide it for clients with shared Cisco Firewall.

6 Done


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