How to Add a New Access Rule in ASDM


1 Introduction

 The Cisco firewall blocks all inbound data by default. We need to add access rules to permits or denies traffic based on the protocol.
We can use access rules in routed and transparent firewall mode to control IP traffic. An access rule permits or denies traffic based on the protocol, a source and destination IP address or network, and optionally the source and destination ports.

2 Install ASDM Tool

2.1 It requires the Java environment. If you have not installed JRE, please install it first at

        Note: Please install "jre-8u281-windows-x64.exe" or previous versions

2.2 Download the installation file as below and install it on your server

2 Login to Firewall management panel from ASDM tool

2.1 Login to Cisco ASDM Launcher

  • Device IP Address/Name:  Please use the IP of the firewall;
  • Username: Your account;
  • Password: the password of the account;

2.2 Access the "Access Rules" panel

Click Configuration -> Firewall -> Access Rules

3 Click "Add Access Rule" to add the new rule

3.1 Click "Add Access Rule"

  • Interface: Please select "Outside" ;
  • Action:  Select "Permit" or "Deny" based on your requirement;
  • Source: The IP or IP segment which will access the firewall. Here is a sample: 198.x.x.0/24, 201.x.x.x
  • Destination: The IP or IP segment which will be accessed in the firewall. For ASA55325, please use the internal IP, not public IP address.
  • Service: The TCP or UDP ports on which the application will be accessed. Here is a sample: tcp/1093,udp/53,TCP/1086

3.2 Apply the update

Click the “Apply” button

3.3 Save the changes

Click the “Save” to save the updates.

4 Done



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