How to Add a New Web Site in IIS Manually

How to Add A New Web Site in IIS Manually

1 Introduction

This tutorial shows how to add a new site to IIS manually without WebsitePanel;

2 RDP to the Server

Please refer to “How to RDP to The VPS or Dedicated Server”.

3 Create a Folder for the New Website Files

3.1 Create a Folder for All the Websites in the Server

If there is not a folder for all web files in the server, create a folder named “Websites”.

3.2 Create a New folder in "Websites" Folder

( The folder name is  based on the domain name.)

3.3 Create  wwwroot and log folders

Click into the domain folder to create wwwroot and log folders

4 How to Open IIS Management

4.1 Click the “Server Manager”

4.2 Click the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager in Tools


4.3  A Screenshot of The IIS Management Interface

5 Add Dedicated Application Pools

It is better to create a dedicated application pool for a website before creating a website.

5.1 Right click “Application Pools”

5.2 Type the domain in “Name”


6  Add a New Website from the IIS Management

6.1 Right Click the Site and Click “Add Website…”

6.2 Type the Site Name and Select the Website Files and Select the IP Address

  • Type the domain name in “Site name”
  • Select your site’s files path by clicking “Physical path”
  • Select the server IP address in “IP address”. It is better to select “All Unassigned”
  • Type the Binding in “Host name”

7 The Website is Created

8 Add the Site Binding

In general, there should be two hosting headers in “Site Binding”. They are “” and “”. You can add any other headers if they are the alias of the domain.

9 Update Local Host File to Test the Web Site

Click the correct path and edit the hosts file to add domain host (IP “Table” domain)

10 Test the Site

10.1 Create the File Named Default.aspx Under the Folder “wwwroot”

10.2 Test the site in a browser

11 Done



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