How to Upload or Download Files With FTP over SSL (FTPES)

How to Upload or Download Files with FTP over SSL (FTPES)

1 Problem

Please note that for security reasons, our shared FTP servers require to enable FTP over SSL(FTPS) for your FTP client. Please download and install the FileZilla client on your local PC or server first. Then you can upload/ download files via FTP over SSL.

2 Create FTP Account through WebsitePanel

If you have not created an FTP account, please follow the tutorial at Manual 2.10.9-How to Create FTP Accounts in WebsitePanel to create one.

3 Configure FTP Account on the FileZilla Client

3.1 Download and install FileZilla Client

If you did not install FileZilla, please download FileZilla Client from and install it with the default settings.

3.2 Start FileZilla Client to Configure FTP account

  • New Site: Enter Your New Site Name
  • Host: Enter your server IP or
  • Protocol: Choose FTP-File Transfer Protocol
  • Encryption: Choose Require explicit FTP over TLS
  • Logon Type: Please select Normal
  • User Name: Enter the user name you created in WebsitePanel
  • Password: Entry the password of the FTP user
  • Click “OK” to save the settings

4 Test FTP Account

4.1  Choose FTP Account then Click “Connect”

4.2  Check the box ”Always trust certificate in future sessions” then Click “OK”

4.3 Once connected, you can download or upload files.

5 Done

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