How to install cPanel & WHM on Linux Server


  • A valid licence from cPanel, either for 15 day free tiral -, or from paid license -
  • 64bit operation system, minimum 1 GB RAM — 2 GB recommended, minimum 20 GB disk space — 40 GB recommended
  • CentOS, CloudLinux, and RHEL 7 — Use the XFS® or ext4 filesystems; Other operation systems with ext3 or ext4
  • Static IP, DHCP is now going to work, no private IP
  • Deactivate firewall
  • Disable Network Manager
  • Disable SELinux
  • Independent domain name serves as host name and should not be included in the hosted domains.


Simply copy the following command and run it on your Linux server with root permission,
yum -y update curl
cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest
The command will change your session to /home folder, download the latest version of cPanel & WHM, and then run the downloaded installation script.
The installation progress will take a while and will depend on hardware resources.


  1. Open web browser and go to https://ip-address:2087 and you can start to configure cPanel. The username is 'root' and the password will be the root password.
  2. A valid email address is a must in order for a successful configuration.
  3. The rest will be depending on client's requirements.
  4. You may purchase your own license at .

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