How to Clone a VPS

1 Introduction

This tutorial will demonstrate how to clone a Linux VPS for a new VPS.

2 Ensure Access to VPS

You can get IP address and password from WebsitePanel. Please contact the client to obtain password if the password is incorrect. Ensure you can access the VPS
Open the Hyper-V management page on hosting server. Then, right mouse click the Linux VPS and select “Shut Down”.

4 Create a New Folder on the Hosting Server.

Create the folder into the customer folder which is inside the client’s VPSs. Usually the path is d:\Hyper-V\Customers\. Then create a new folder named testDBM2.

5 Copy the VHD file.

Right mouse click the VPS and select “Settings”.
Click “Hard Drive”. Then you can see the path that aside the VHD file.
Copy the VHD file of source Linux VPS to the newly created folder.

6 Create a New Virtual Machine

Right mouse click the Hosting server and select “New”, “Virtual Machine”.
Enter the VM name and path of the new VPS.
Enter the startup memory (as same as the source VPS)
Choose a “New Virtual Switch” for connection.
Choose “Use an existing virtual hard disk”
7 Change the settings for the new VPS.
Aceess the new VPS with the previous password and configura its new IP.

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