How to Configure Windows Hyper-V Virtual Network

1. Open Hyper-V Manager  through Server Manager

2.  In Hyper-V Manager, click 'Virtual Switch Manager...'  from the 'Actions' menu.

3. Under the 'Virtual Switches' section, select New virtual network switch and create an  External virtual switch

4. Click the new created External virtual switch and give the new switch a name such as 'External Public Switch' under ‘Virtual Switch Properties’.

Please do not use 'New Virtual Switch' as the switch's name. The rules to name the new switch:

5.  Select the correct physical network card which needs to  be paired with the new virtual switch.

For example, the public IPs are configured in Intel(R) l350 Gigabit Network Connection #2 , we need to virtualize Intel(R) l350 Gigabit Network Connection #2.


6. Click Apply to create the virtual switch. At this point you will most likely see the following message. Click Yes to continue.


7. Click "OK" to close the Virtual Switch Manager Window.

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