How to Configure SSL/TLS to Secure SmarterMail by Let's Encrypt SSL


1 Export the SSL certificate to a PFX certificate file:

1.1 Open up IIS Services Manager  and click Server Certificates

1.2 Export the SSL certificate to a PFX certificate file

      Select the SSL certificate and click Export.
Enter in the path where you would like the certificate saved, file name and password  such as C:\SSL\mail.
cloudclusters.io_test.pfx and click OK.

2 Configure SSL/TLS to Secure SmarterMail

2.1 Add ports to listen over SSL or TLS

Log in to SmarterMail, click Bindings and Ports, then New some ports.
Select Protocol,  Encryption, enter the Certificate path and Password, select the IP Address for the port to listen on,then click Save(Using similar steps as above, complete other ports configuration).


2.2 Check the Ports



2.3 Enable TLS in SMTP Out rule

Click Protocols and enable TLS.

2.4 Open Autodiscover and Force all traffic over HTTPS


3 Done


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