How to Reboot the VPS with SolidCP



All our VPS/Hyper-V servers can be controlled by Control Panel. Clients are able to see their CPU and Memory usages and reboot the server.

2The Following are the Steps to Reboot the VPS with SolidCP Control Panel

2.1Sign into the Control Panel

The client can access the Control Panel by the URL, username, and password indicated in the welcome email that DBM sends after the new server is set up.

2.2Click the Virtual Private Servers

If you have several Hosting Spaces, select the correct one to reboot from the dropdown list.

2.3Click the Virtual Host Name

2.4Click Reboot


2.5Click “OK” and the VPS Server will Reboot

2.6Test the VPS

After the server is rebooted, connect to the server via RDP to test it.

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