SolidCP1.1.2 is used to create and manage hosting plans and customers. It is also used to manage mailboxes, websites, MSSQL databases, MySQL databases, FTP accounts and so on. This article will describe how to install SolidCP.

2The prerequisites before installing SolidCP

The following prerequisites are required:
• Windows 2012 /2016 /2019Operation System
• IIS /8.5/10.0
• NET Framework 4.0
• MS SQL 2008, 2012, 2014or 2016

3Download SolidCP Installation File

Download SolidCP1.1.2 installation file from  https://solidcp.com/downloads/

4Run the Installation File

  Run the downloaded file "SolidCPInstaller-1.1.2" and go to the SolidCP setup wizard. 

5Use SolidCP Setup Wizard for Installation

The setup wizard will install SolidCP on your server, please click "Install" to continue to the setup wizard.
5.1    Find the app from the all installed apps and run it.
5.2    Then click “View Available Components”

5.3    Next click the first “Install”


5.4    Click “Next”

5.5   Enter SolidCP Portal Web Settings

5.6   Configure SolidCP Database Connection
Enter the correct SolidCP database connection parameters and click "Next"

5.7     Click “Next” to finish installation


6Login to SolidCP

Access SolidCP through http://XX.XX.XX.XX:9001
Login to SolidCP with username "serveradmin" and the password you entered.

7SolidCP Servers

By default, server OS, web, SQL Server will be integrated to SolidCP automatically. We can add FTP, Mail and other Windows services into SolidCP for client to use features on his/her server.

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