How to Reset Password of Serveradmin in SolidCP


  • This is a tutorial demonstrates how to reset password of Serveradmin in SolidCP
  • This tutorial will also cover the situation when both VPS A and VPS B are installed with standalone SolidCP, the serveradmin password on VPS A has and we have the serveradmin password in VPS B in hand. In this case, we can reset the serveradminn password for VPS A using the password on VPS B.

2Retrieve Serveradmin Password from VPS B

2.1Connect to VPS B

  • Connect to the VPS B via RDP first, then open the SQL Server Management Studio;
  • Click Databases àSolidCPàTablesàdboUsersà Edit Top 200 RowsàFind the password for account serveradmin.
  • Connect to the VPS A and do the same to locate the password in the database.
  • Copy the password from VPS B and paste it to VPS A.

2.2Search SolidCP.CryptoKey

Search value of SolidCP.CryptoKey in the path C\SolidCP\Enterprise Server\Web.config on VPS B, then copy and paste it to the same file on VPS A.

3Change Serveradmin Password

  • When open the SolidCP URL(A:9001) of VPS A in web browser, login as ‘serveradmin’ and use the  password from VPS B.
  • After login the SolidCP. We can change serveradmin password at the account page.


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