How to Install Zpanel on Centos6


Supported linux distributions:
CentOS 6.x 64-bit

Step 1 Update yum source

The yum source must be updated before installing the Zpanel by command as follow:
"yum update"

Step 2 Download the installation

Before we download the file, we need to install the related tool in our server. The command is as follows:
"yum install wget -y"
Then you need to download the installation file.

Step 3 Please run “bash” to start the installation.

1. “ bash
2. Configure the time zone
( Configuration according to actual situation )
3. Confirm domain name
 a: The hostname of your server
4. Input binding IP
a. If the input  IP cannot be found on the server, It will ask you to re-enter the IP.
b. The IP of your server.
5. Successful installation
1. This is the login information for Zpanel and MySQL, and you can also get them from file "/root/passwords.txt".
6. Choose "y" to reboot your server.

Step 4 After the installation is finished, you will be able to access it via http://xx.xx.xx.xx/.


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