Pure-FTP’s “530 Login authentication” error

    You can not log in to the FTP Server. And the FTP client displays the response like the picture. The reason is an authentication failure.
    Possible Reasons:
  1. Wrong login details
  2. It does not call SQL, inputted details can not match data in SQL.
  3. SQL call failed, wrong SQL configuration
1. Check your login details
If you create your FTP account via the third-party tools like ISPconfig or Cpanel. The account name that you create maybe not the whole account name. For example, I create the account “test” via ISPconfig. But the whole account is “defaulttest”.
Try to log in to the FTP server with the correct details. If you still meet the response ”530 Login authentication”, follow step 2.
2. Check the call of your SQL.
Pure-ftp stores the FTP messages in SQL. We need to check the file “pure-ftpd.conf” to see if we have called SQL.
# vi /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf
If you use the ISPCONFIG as your control panel, your server will store the FTP details in MySQL.
If your SQL is called, but you still meet the same error. You can follow step 3. Otherwise, you need to call your SQL and restart your pure-ftp service.
# systemctl restart pure-ftpd.service

3. Check if the details in the conf file are right
The difference between SQL’s configuration and config.inc.php will cause the 530 Response. There is a few path difference between different Operating Systems. But you can get the correct path in pure-ftpd.conf.
# vi /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd-mysql.conf
If you installed pure-ftp via ISPCONFIG, the MYSQLDatabase will be dbispconfig, and the MYSQLUser will be ispconfig.
By the way, we can find the right MYSQLPassword in file config.inc.php
# vi /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/ config.inc.php
Check if your settings in pureftpd-mysql.conf are right. Restart the pure-ftp service
# systemctl restart pure-ftpd.service

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