How to Transfer a Domain to Database Mart

Information: You will need to ask your current registrar to unlock your domain and get the EPP code first before transferring the domain to us. If your domain was transferred within the recent 60 days, it cannot transferred again during this period.

Please place a domain transfer order at
Click the “Transfer An Existing Domain” button to place the domain transfer order with Database Mart.
Please note we only accept domains ending with the words framed in red in the below picture.
  1. Enter your domain name in the blank area and click the “Transfer” button.

  2. After you click the “Transfer” button, our system will evaluate if your domain is transferable.

  3. On the page of “Domain Configuration”, please fill in the EPP code of your domain in the blank area. If you would like to use your own name server, you can also change it in the name server area. Upon finishing the above information, please click the “Continue” button to check out.

  4. After confirming all the information is correct, you can log in to your billing account with Database Mart or register a billing account with us, and make a payment by PayPal or credit card.

  5. After we receive the payment, we will initiate the domain transfer. You will receive an approval email from Netearthone about the domain transfer request. As long as you and your current registrar confirm the request, the domain will be transferred to us within 3-15 days. 

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