How to log into your accounts in Database Mart?

This article will describe three kinds of frequently-used accounts once you order a service with Database Mart.

Billing account

While you submit the first order with Database Mart, you also register a billing account to manage your billing information, including invoices, payment method, service due dates, etc. For more information about how to log into your billing account, please refer to the following article:

Ticket/Live Chat System Account

Database Mart uses a separate system to manage tickets and livechats. We suggest a client register an account in the ticket/livechat system first so that they can manage his/her ticket history easily.

Control Panel accounts

Database Mart has five Control Panel websites (WebsitePanel, SolidCP) to manage clients’ VPS or shared plan. Once your VPS or shared plan is created, an email with service login details, including Control Panel details will be sent to you. Please copy that email as personal so that you can log in to a correct website to control your VPS/shared plan.



Via Control Panel, a client can easily shut down or restart his VPS. For more information, please refer to How to Reboot And Manage Windows Hyper-V Server In WebsitePanel Control Panel (
Note Please avoid using the “Login to Control Panel (One-Click Login)” button in your billing account as it may not be able to redirect you to the correct website.

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