How to access Linux Server via Mac?

After the order is placed and paid, a VPS login information will be sent to your registered email within the next 1-2 hours. If you are using a Mac local PC, please follow these steps to access your Linux VPS:

1. Check your email box and looking for login details sent from Database Mart.


2. Use the keyboard shortcut "Command + Space" to open Terminal on Mac, double-click it, and Terminal will open.


3. Input "ssh username@IP". Such as "ssh root@".

If your VPS operating system is Ubuntu or Debian, please use the username "administrator".

4. Type "yes" and press enter.


5. Input the password.

Please note: the entered password is not visible


6. Now you are connected to VPS, you can use any existing commands(such as "hostname -I" to get the server IP).

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