How to Complete a Certificate Request

How to Complete a Certificate Request


If a CSR code is generated on a Windows-based server, completing the certificate request is an important step before applying a certificate on your site.
To complete a certificate request, please read How to Download an Issued SSL Certificate File and download the certificate file in .crt /.pem format.
After completing the following steps, you will get a .pfx certificate file and its import password.

1 Log into the IIS server

Log in to the IIS server where the CSR was generated.

2 Upload the .crt or .pem file

Upload the .crt/.pem file to the server.

3 Complete a certificate request

  • Open IIS. Click Server Certificates.
  • Click Complete Certificate Request in the right hand of the panel.
  • Choose the .crt/.pem file path of the certificate you uploaded before. Name the certificate. Click OK.

4 Get the .pfx file of the certificate

  • Select the certificate and click Export.
  • Choose the export path. Set a password, which will be used to import the certificate later.
The export path is the place to where you’d like to export the .pfx file.
Please remember/write down the password because it is needed to import the certificate later.
  • You will get a .pfx file of the certificate.

5 The next step

To apply an SSL on Windows IIS, please refer to How to Apply an SSL on Windows IIS.

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