How to access console via IPMI

1. Download Java Environment

It requires the Java environment to access the console. If you have not installed JRE, please install it first at

2. Please access IPMI via Browser(IP is IPMI IP, the username is xxxx and the password is xxxxx)


3. Please click ‘Launch Console’ to access the console  


4. There are three possible scenarios:

4.1 To access the console to manage the server normally


4.2 It shows “Application Error” (The issue is related JRE version. Please install the latest version via the link in step 1 and repeat step 2 to step 3.)


4.3 It shows “Java Application Blocked” (Please add the site into the trust list of Java)


4.3.1 Please access the Java control panel 


4.3.2 Please click “Security” and “Edit Site List”


4.3.3 Please add the IPMI URL to the list


4.3.4 Please launch the console again and access it


5. Done


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