How to Create an RDP User for Windows Server

How to Create an RDP User for Windows Server


When receiving a Windows Server, you will get a default administrator account. You can also create an RDP user manually. Here are the steps about how to create an RDP user in Windows Server 2019.

1Log in to your server

Log in to your server as an administrator. About how to connect to your windows server by RDP, please refer to the article How to access Windows VPS/Server via RDP.

2 Create a Windows user

2.1Go to Computer Management

Right-click the “windows” icon and choose “Computer Management”.

2.2Create a new user

Choose “Users” by clicking.
Computer Management(Local)>System Tools>Local User and Groups>Users
Right-click “Users” and select “New User” to create a new user.
Please note the required options below:
Username:The name of the user.
Password:The password must be strong to avoid hacking.
User must change password at next logon: Please do not check this option. 
Password never expires: Please check this option.

3Add the new user to the Remote Desktop Users group

3.1Locate the Properties tab of the user you created

Right-click the new user and select “Properties

3.2Add the new user to the Remote Desktop Users group

Choose “Member Of” and click “Add”. Go to “Select Groups”.
Click “Advanced” in the “Select Groups
Click “Find Now” and choose the “Remote Desktop Users” group from the list. Then click “OK”.
If the user needs to be granted administrator privileges, Please add the user to the Administrators group.
The new user has been added to the Remote Desktop Users Group.

4Test if the new user can log in to the server

Please connect to your server with the newly added user to check if the user has been added successfully.

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