How to Install and Configure SmarterMail



This article introduces the steps for installing and configuring SmarterMail.  


  • Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit or higher
  • Microsoft .NET 4.7 Framework or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

Install SmarterMail

1.1 Download SmarterMail installation package

Download SmarterMail installation package from

1.2 Run the SmarterMail installer

  • Double click SmarterMail16_Setup.exe file.
  • Choose Create a new site.
  • Click Next
The Port part can be modified, but 9998 is generally used by default. 
  • Click Next.

Configure SmarterMail

Once the installation is complete, it will automatically jump to the configuration page.                                                                

2.1 Set up the administrator account admin to log in to SmarterMail

2.2 Configure the server DNS

Primary DNS Server IP:
Secondary DNS Server IP:

2.3 Disable relay

To prevent your server from becoming an open relay server, which can cause IP abuse problems, please disable the relay feature.
Click Settings ->protocols. Locate the Allow Reply option. Choose Nobody.

2.4 Set up authentication

Scroll down to the bottom of the page from the previous step.
Change “Require Auth Match” to “Email Address” 
Enable "Allow relay for authenticated users" and "domain's SMTP auth setting for local deliveries" as the screenshot shows.
Save all changes.

2.5 Specify password requirements

Click Settings ->Password Requirements. Locate the options and enable all the requirements.

2.6 Set up SMTP authentication

Click Manage-> Domain Defaults. Scroll down to the bottom of the page from the previous step. Enable Require SMTP Authentication. Save all changes.

2.7 Open ports for all IPs

If your server has more than 1 IP. All IPs must be listening to the following ports:
SMTP(25), POP(110), IMAP(143), Submission Port(587)

Login SmarterMail

After completing all the above steps, SmarterMail has been successfully installed and configured.
The login URL is http://IP:9998. Please log in to SmarterMail using the account “admin”  you set up in step 2.1.

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