Notice of Change of Billing Terms

Dear Database Mart Customers,
This letter is to inform you of the changes of our billing terms effective today, Thursday, February 11, 2016. 
1. Accounts that are not paid by the due date will be suspended by the 7th day after the due date if the payment 
has not posted. Example, if  a payment is due January 1st, then it will be suspended on January 8th if the payment has not posted by January 7th. 
2. Late fees will be accrued automatically on the 3rd day. Example: For an invoice due date of January 1st, the late fees will begin to accrue starting January 4th.
3. Accounts not paid 15 days after the due date will be completely disconnected. Example: For an invoice due January 1st, after non-payment, the service will be suspended by January 8th. If no payment is still received by January 15th, 
the service will be disconnected on January 16th and you will have to apply for new service after you have paid your past due bill. 
This notification serves as an amendment to our prior Terms of Service and is updated at
Thank you in advance for your loyal business.
Database Mart LLC