Cloud Clusters LLC Launches Managed MongoDB Hosting Services on Kubernetes Platform

Houston, Texas December 8, 2018

Cloud Clusters LLC (, a cloud application hosting start-up based in Houston, announced the general availability of the managed MongoDB hosting services ( on the latest Kubernetes Orchestration Platform. Currently, a six months free trial enables you to get hands-on experience with MongoDB hosting at any service levels.


With the increasing popularity of cloud computing and big data, the demand to handle large volume of heterogeneous and structure-less data resulted in the NoSQL movement. MongoDB is arguably the most dominant NoSQL database in the market. The distributed nature of MongoDB allows for great scalability. As a result, it is often the choice for applications that manage large volume of unstructured data in enterprise environment.


But the applications of MongoDB should not be limited only to large unstructured data. “We noticed that MongoDB is also being used as an exact relational database in many small businesses, partly because of its stronger transaction support in its new releases.” said Morris Liu, the CEO of Cloud Clusters, “Its popularity and market share is still increasing. This is why we put our managed MongoDB hosting service at the very top of our list”.


Headquartered in League City near Houston, the company planed to launch several other database services in a near future. “The management team of our company has over two decades of experiences in web hosting and software development.” said Mr. Liu, “We believe that fully managed hosting is the best way to provide the most valuable services to our clients. Fully managed database hosting service is essentially an outsourcing. This enable businesses and developers focus on their core competency and software development without worrying about database maintenance.”


More and more applications are turning to Micro services architectures to exploit the advantages of the cloud computing technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes.  However the process for stateful applications, like databases, is much more complicated and challenging. We thoughtfully designed every layer of our infrastructures to accommodate the challenge, In the meanwhile, not to lose the advantages of Kubernetes and containers. Our Cloud Application Management Platform (CAMP) is still under intensive development and relentlessly evolving. Our goal is to provide enterprise level technologies and services to small and medium businesses.


About Cloud Clusters LLC

Cloud Clusters LLC was founded in 2017 and is a privately held company based in Texas, USA. Our vision is to be a leading provider of cloud application management. Our mission is to easily migrate, manage and customize cloud applications for small and midsize businesses.



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