Product Updates in January 2020

Dear Database Mart client,

Database Mart LLC is constantly striving to provide our clients with the best products/services and emerging technologies. We have made some changes to our products and services recently to better serve our clients.

1) Release a new product with the latest technologies.
  • DBM Private Cloud
Private Cloud enables the client to deploy his own business environment, including but not limited to Kubernetes, Open Stack, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and cloud storage.
2) Upgrade several product series with better specifications and configurations. It will boost the application performance to a new level.
  • Express/Basic/Professional Bare Metal Server
  • Express/Basic/Professional/Advanced Dedicated SSD Server
  • Basic/Professional/Advanced Dedicated Hyper-V Host Server
  • Express/Basic/Professional/Advanced Windows Hyper-V VPS
3) Discontinue several products to keep up to date with trends in product management.
  • Basic Reseller Windows Plan
  • Lite Windows VPS
  • Lite Linux VPS
  • Express/Basic/Professional Windows Dedicated Server
  • Express/Basic/Professional Linux Dedicated Server
  • Express/Basic/Professional Dedicated Special Server
  • Express/Basic/Professional/Advanced Dedicated SATA/SAS Server
We will continue providing excellent support to all new and existing products and services. However, the discontinued products are no longer in our updated shopping list.
Please visit our websites for more information. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop us an email to or catch us online. We are always here to help.
Thank you for your business and look forward to working closely with you.
Database Mart LLC