How to Install XRDP on Ubuntu 20/22


This is a guide on how to install XRDP with Audio Redirection on Ubuntu Server 20.04.
  1. Log into Ubuntu 20 Server
  2. Install ubuntu-desktop Environment
  3. Install XRDP 
  4. Open port 3389 on the firewall
  5. Test XRDP connection

1.Log into Ubuntu 20 Server

Please refer to to log into the Ubuntu server via SSH.
Please refer to to log into the Ubuntu server from MAC.

2.Install ubuntu-desktop Environment 

To install the ubuntu-desktop environment, please issue the following commands in the terminal session
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop

3.Install XRDP

sudo apt install xrdp

4.Open port 3389 on the firewall

sudo ufw allow 3389/tcp

5.Test XRDP connection

Enter win+R on the keyboard and type "mstsc" to launch the Remote Desktop Connection application. Input your hostname or the server IP.
Input username "administrator" and the server password, then click "OK" to connect to the Ubuntu 20 server.
Now you are successfully logged in.


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