How to Migrate the Mail Data from Other Mail Service to MailEnable?

How to Migrate Mail Data from Other Mail Service to MailEnable via IMAP?
Before the Start
( This solution is applicable for migration of one single mail account. If multiple accounts are required to be migrated, please repeat account migration one by one.)
1. Log in MailEnable Web Mail with the target email account. Usually, its link address is
 2, Navigate to Options – Advanced – Import, and import mails on a remote mail server.
Username: The email account that will be migrated.
Password: The password of the email account on the remote mail server.
Server: The remote source mail server. It can be a server name like or an IP addree.
Port: IMAP port on the remote mail server. Usually, it is 143.
If SSL is used for IMAP on the remote mail server, please check the Use SSL option and type port number as 993.Note: Server, Port and SSL information must be get from the remote server provider.
Please wait while importing:
Once migration is complete, you can get result by checking changes of disk usage or previous mails in the Inbox.

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