How to Apply an SSL on Windows IIS

How to Apply an SSL on Windows IIS


Here is the instruction on how to apply an SSL certificate for a website on Windows IIS.
To apply an SSL for a website, you have to have a .pfx file and its import password in hand.
To get the file and the password, please refer to How to Complete a Certificate Request.

1 Import SSL from the .pfx file

  • Log into the server where your website is located.
  • Open IIS. Click Server Certificate.
  • Click Import.
  • Specify the certificate file (.pfx file).
  • Fill in the import password of the .pfx file.
  • Click OK to complete the certificate import process.

2 Set Certificate Bindings

2.1Open the site binding window

  • Choose your site. Click Bindings.
  • Click Add.

2.2 Add the SSL binding

  • Type: https.
  • IP address: If  Windows Server 2008 is used, please assign a dedicated IP to the site. For other types of servers, a designed IP is not necessary.
  • Port: 443.
  • Require Server Name IndicationPlease check the option if Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 is used.
  • SSL Certificate: Choose the SSL imported before.
When all settings are configured, click OK.

3 Test

Your certificate should now be installed. You can navigate your site ( in a web browser and check for the padlock to verify the installation.

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