How to Install SmarterMail

How to install SmarterMail 
1.  Download product from via
2.  Install SmarterMail :
    Double click the install file and follow the wizard to install Smartermail with default path and setting 
3.  Set up SmarterMail as website in IIS .
3.1 To set up Smartermail as a website in IIS , its built-in web server need to be disabled at first .
Open SmarterMail Web Server config , set "Startup Mode" as "Disabled" ,apply this change and click " Stop " button to stop the SmarterMail Web Server. 
3.2 Set up website for Smartermail :
Open IIS Manager, create a new website and point the site path to C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\MRS
4. Configure the Smartermail ;
4.1 Open " SmarterMail Interface " to set it up with basic setting . Skip the step for License setup by click "Next "
change admin password 
Setup Primary IP and DNS server:
Enable CalmAV
4.2 Configure SmarterMail:
Set up IP binding
Enable SMTP authentication ,disable greylisting: 
5. Open ports SMTP port 25 and 587, POP port 110, IMAP port 143 in firewall .
6. Done .

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