How to Install SmarterMail

How to install SmarterMail 
1.  Download product from via
2.  Install SmarterMail :
    Double click the install file and follow the wizard to install Smartermail with default path and setting 
3.  Set up SmarterMail as website in IIS .
3.1 To set up Smartermail as a website in IIS , its built-in web server need to be disabled at first .
Open SmarterMail Web Server config , set "Startup Mode" as "Disabled" ,apply this change and click " Stop " button to stop the SmarterMail Web Server. 
3.2 Set up website for Smartermail :
Open IIS Manager, create a new website and point the site path to C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\MRS
4. Configure the Smartermail ;
4.1 Open " SmarterMail Interface " to set it up with basic setting . Skip the step for License setup by click "Next "
change admin password 
Setup Primary IP and DNS server:
Enable CalmAV
4.2 Configure SmarterMail:
Set up IP binding
Enable SMTP authentication ,disable greylisting: 
5. Please make sure "Allow Relay" set to "Nobody" and "Require Auth Match" set to "Email Address" to Prevent Spams.
6. Open ports SMTP port 25 and 587, POP port 110, IMAP port 143 in firewall .
7. Done .

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