2.9.5 How to configure outlook

2.9.5 How to configure outlook
This tutorial will walk you through the steps how to configure outlook , Lets take a email user  account@yourdomian.com for example .
Step 1: 
Open Outlook and create a new account ;
Step2 : Check on the option " Manually configure Mail server settings  or additional server types " 
Step 3 :Configure Outlook :
Both SMTP server and POP Server are the same if customer is using our mail server .
Click on " More Setting " in the right buttom to add more detail  to the configuration .
Enable SMTP Authentication by checking on " My outgoing server requires authentication " under the tab " outgoing server ".
Set up pop port 110 and SMTP port 25 , please try port 587 if port 25 does not work . SSL is not reuqired, just leave it unchecked .
Save the changes and get back to the previous page to test the setting .
Step 4: Done. 

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