Step By Step Guide To Install DotNetNuke in Shared Server

Step 1 :Create domain and database in helm.

If you have not created a domain in helm, please access How To Create A Domain In Helm Cluster? to create one.

1) If you have registered the domain with another company, you should change your name server to ns3,
2) If you do not want to change the name server, you can change the domain to resolve to our shared IP.

Step 2: Create a database and database user for your DNN site.

If you have not created a database and database user for your DNN site, please access How To Create A Database In Helm Cluster? to create one.

Step 3: Set write permission for your DNN site.

Please open a support ticket to for write permission with your domain name. We will grant a write permission and reply to you to confirm.

Step 4: Create a Temp URL for Domain in Helm (Option).

If your domain have not resolved our shared server IP, you can create a temp url for test.
Please access How To Create A Temp URL In Helm Cluster? to create one.

Step 5: Download DNN install files from CodePlex.

Access to download the latest DNN version

Step 6: Change database connection string and upload web files.

Edit the web.config file to the correct database connection

Step 7: Change the host file (Option).

If your domain has not resolved to the shared server, follow the following steps below. 

1) Navigate to your local computer
2) Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
3) Open host file using Notepad
4) Add a line server ip and WWW.DomainName.COM
5) Save host file

Step 8: Install DNN.

1) Now open in IE.
2) The install screen should show up.
3) Choose Automatic and click Next .
4) should function now. 

Step 9: Create a Alias Portal for DNN (Option).

1) Login to new DNN site with host account.
2) Navigate to Host > Portals.
3) Navigate down to the bottom of the page.
4) Add a new portal aliases (Click the Edit Portal icon that on the left of portal name).
5) Click Add New HTTP Alias.
6) (This URL is created by Helm Note: No Http:// header)
7) Now you and others can access it using the temp URL.

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