Step By Step Guide To Upgrade DotNetNuke in Shared Server

Step 1: Backup Your DNN site.

Please open a support ticket to [email protected] for DNN site backup. In case the upgrade unsuccessful, We can restore the site with back up files. We will backup your web files and database file, and put them in your backup folder.

Step 2 : You can download the upgrade package from

Access to download the upgrade package. (They are all located in the release tab.)

Step 3: Change the web.config file.

1) Unzip the DNN upgrade file.

2) Change release.config to web.config.

3) Copy the database connection string from the old web.configure (There are two connection strings needed to be copied).

4) Copy machine keys code from the old web.config file. Please copy validationKey and decryptionKey keys.

5) Copy the objectQualifier="" from the old web.config file.


Step 4: Upload upgrade files.

Upload all upgrade files to your web site.

Step 5: Run the upgrade.

Open in IE. Your DNN site will start to upgrade.

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