How to create a DNN website from WebsitePanel

Creating a DotNetNuke (DNN) website is not difficult. In this tutorial, we will show you the steps to create one if you are using WebsitePanel to manage domain(s), website(s), and database(s).
Things you must have:
We will walk through the process on WebsitePanel 2.1 edition. This tutorial will be very useful if you are a customer with us. We will use DNN 8.0.3 edition in the following steps.
2. Create new domain and it's website - see the instruction at
3. Create MS SQL Server database - see tutorial at , this step applies to all SQL Server versions.
4. Upload the DNN installation file to 'wwwroot' folder by FTP.
5. Extract the uploaded file from File Manager, 
6. Enable 'Write' Permission in Website Settings.
From your Control Panel account page, click 'Web Sites', and then click the name of your website to manage Website Settings. Dotnetnuke is required to run under Integrated mode of ASP.Net 4.0. To make the website is under ASP.Net 4.0 Integrated Mode, click 'Extensions' tab and change ASP.NET to '4.0 (Integrated Pipeline)' in the drop-down box then 'save'.
7. Go to your website by web browser, you will see DNN installation page.
8. Fill in administrative information and website information properly and make sure to choose 'Custom' database setup.
9. Fill in database information. You should have database login information from Step. 3. Click 'Continue' to start installation.
You will see the installation progress on the screen.
10. Click 'Visit Website' when the installation is finished. You are good to go for your new DNN. 

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