How to Install SmarterMail

Database Mart LLC partners With SmarterTools Inc. to provide SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats at no additional cost to customers on all of the Windows Hyper-V servers, dedicated Windows and SQL servers.
For detail information please access
You will receive a license email from SmartTools if your open a support ticket about SmarterBundle Request.

Step1.Download Product: SmarterMail Professional Edition 6.x - 250 Mailboxes

You can download SmarterMail Professional Edition 6.x from

Step2. Install SmarterMail

Double click the Install File to start installing. You can also install by default. After installation, it will start to run Initializing configure steps:

Step3. SmarterMail License Setup

Please refer to the license email from SmartTools. (Locate the License Key of SmarterMail Professional Edition 6.x). The email address and password all are in the email.

Step4. SmarterMail System Info

It is very important to set the admin password of SmarterMail. The admin account will manage the SmarterMail system.

Step5. Set DNS Server

If you have not registered your DNS server, you can use the DNS server of DatabaseMart.

Step6. Set SmarterMail Paths

The default paths will work.

Step7.Enable or Disable ClamAV

Step8.Select Spam Profiles

Step9.Enable or Disable GreyListings

Click Finish. It is now complete.   

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