How to Create VPS by WebsitePanel

How to Create VPS by WebsitePanel

1 Problem

We need to set up a new VPS server once a client order a VPS plan.     

2 Sign in to the Control Panel with serveradmin account

  • You can get the control panel URL from billing if it is not the default;
  • We are creating a new VPS under Demo account as an example.

3 Search username

4 Click “Virtual Private Servers”

If the client have several Hosting Spaces, we need to select the correct one to create from the dropdown list.

5 Click “Create VM”

6 Enter new server information

  • Name format should be:;;;
  • Select the OS which client selected while singing up;
  • Password should include at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one non alpha-numeric symbol. The length is between 5-15 characters.
  • Don’t sent summary email to client before at this time, we will send the VPS details to client after we re-checked it.

7 Click “Next” to continue the process

8 Select IP and click “Next”

9 Click “Create” to create VM

10 The new VM is being created now

11 The new VM is created

12 Test VPS

We need to connect to the VPS via RDP to check before we sent it to client.

13 Sent server login information to client

14 Add server information in billing Admin Note

15 Done


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