How to Create VPS by SolidCP

1  Summary

This tutorial will demonstrate how to set up a new VPS server once the Technical Support Department  is notified by the Billing Department new VPS creation.

2  Check the Server Information from the Billing System

Our billing system link is  In this sample, we search the Window VPS by username “demo” to obtain the basic information of this Windows VPS.

3  Sign in to the Control Panel with the serveradmin account

  • The Control Panel URL for demonstration is, the username is serveradmin and password is D8*********
  • You can obtain the Control Panel location from the Billing system.
  • We are creating a new VPS under the Demo account as an example.

4  Search the Username

5  Click “Virtual Private Servers”

If the client has several Hosting Spaces, select the correct one and create it from the dropdown list.

6  Click “Create VM”

7  Enter the New Server Information

  • Host Name and domain name format should be:;; The length of hostname  is between 5-15 characters.
  • Select the OS which client requested during sign up.
  • Password should include at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one non alpha-numeric symbol.
  • Do not send the summary email to the client.  Send the VPS details to client after we have test that we can connect to the server via remote desktop connection.

8  Click “Next” to Continue the Process

9  Select IP and click “Next”

We will allocate a dedicate IP for client when we set up a new server.

10  Click “Finish to Create a VM

11  The Screenshot Below Shows the VM Processing

12  The New VM is Created

13  Test the VPS

Connect to the VPS via RDP to check it before we send it to the client. After we logged in to VPS, we need to change the server password to be never expired and activate Windows license.
To change the server password to be never expired,   please click “Administrative Tools”---“Computer Management”---“Local Users and Groups”---“users”---“Administrator”---Click the right mouse button to choose “Properties”---Enable “Password never expired”
To activate Windows license, please refer to the article “2.12.5 How to Activate License for Windows Server in Database Mart.docx”.

14  Send the Server Login Information to the Client

Change ‘general’ to ‘help’.

15  Add the Server Information in the Billing “Admin Note”

Add server IP and hosting server information in Admin Notes. Then click “Save Changes”.

16  Done

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