Generating a SSL Certificate CSR

Generate a CSR for a domain

Before we generate the CSR for a domain, we need to obtain the following information for the domain.
Common Name:
 Organization: Your company name
 Organizational Unit: Your department
 Locality (City):  

1. Generate a CSR for the domain name in your IIS server which the certificate will be installed on it

Go to the IIS ‘Server Certificates’ option.

Create Certificate Request

Click ‘Create Certificate Request’ right hand of the panel, open the ‘Request Certificate’ window.

CSR information

Fill in the CSR information which was provided before.

Encrypt length

Click ‘next’, selecting the encrypt length for 2048 bits.

Save certificate request path

Click ‘Next’, specify a file name for the certificate request.

Complete CSR request

Click finish to complete the CSR generate process.

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